Grandpa Paul,
The River Pirate

“Never wake a sleeping badger” is sage advice Grandpa Paul gives his grandchildren, Kruze and Tucker, as he takes them on his adventures as a River Pirate. From tornadoes to living the life of a frog, the River Pirate takes you on a ride filled with narrow escapes and plenty of laughter.

With his four-legged sidekick, Cooper (a big ol’ hairy Airedale), Grandpa Paul shares his love of adventure and life, giving Kruze and Tucker the greatest gift of all.

By Kimberly Hoffman

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Always an Adventure

The life of Paul was anything but boring. It was a life well-lived and filled with love. Paul used his witty humor to bring much joy to the entire community of Rice County, Kansas, the only place he ever called home.

Grandpa Paul, the River Pirate, is a testament to always making life a wild adventure. 

In Memory of our Storyteller, Paul W. Hoffman