CCRC Reno Round-Up

Auction Item Information

Thank you to Janet Stoecklein for donating $500
to this auction item in memory of Dan Stoecklein.

The author will set up two 2-hour sessions to visit with the family and collect research for the book. This can be done in person or by video chat. Please select one family member to be the point person during the process. This person will be the primary contact for the author.

Some of the things requested from the family by the author will include the following:

  1. Favorite memories or stories of your loved one
  2. Things they said that were unique to their personality
  3. Idiosyncrasies or unique characteristics of your loved one
  4. Representative photos

The story can include up to two additional characters and up to two animals/pets selected by the family. Descriptions of the loved one, and other characters (humans and animals) must be carefully translated for the author.

The author reserves the right to put a fun twist on the story while maintaining resemblance to the book’s characters.

Writing the book can take up to four months. Once the first draft is complete, the author will share the story with the family’s point person for feedback to ensure all important details are fully captured.

Once the final draft is complete, the draft will be submitted to the publisher. There is no guarantee that the publisher will accept the book; however, if done correctly, there should be no problem with the publisher agreeing to publish.

If the publisher denies publication, the author will keep the book and provide the family with a copy of the final draft. The book will never be published by either the family or the author without written consent from both parties.

Publication process:

The book draft will be submitted to the publisher for final editing. This is to ensure spelling and grammar are correct. Once the publisher does the editing, the family will receive a copy of the written draft for final approval.

Once the written draft is approved, the illustration process will begin if the family has selected to use the in-house illustrator. Initial illustration sketches will be returned to the author, who will share them with the family for approval.

After the initial sketches are approved, the publisher will color the illustrations. Once color is applied to the illustrations, the author will again send it to the family for final approval.

After the illustrations are finalized, the publisher will combine the written text with the illustrations. After this step is complete, the family will be allowed to view, read, and approve again.

After the family approves the story and illustrations, the publisher will put together the entire book for approval, giving the family one last chance at any edits prior to printing.

Once the book has gone to print, it typically takes eight weeks to receive printed books. If the family selects to make edits after the book is already in print, there will be a substantial fee that the family must pay.

The entire process of having the book written, illustrated, and printed can take anywhere from 8 to 14 months. It is not a fast process because every detail is meticulous, ensuring the final book is everything you want.

Illustration Notes:

The family will need to make choices regarding the book’s illustrations. Using the publisher’s in-house illustrators is less expensive, and the book will likely be published at a faster pace. The cost for an 8×10 book illustrated by the publisher can run anywhere from $500 to $1000.

Using a third-party illustrator is another option. There are a lot of great illustrators. Hiring a skilled illustrator can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $7,500. Using a publisher outside the publishing house typically adds six months to one year to complete the illustrations, thus extending the publication date.

Cost of Publishing:

For the benefit auction, here is a breakdown of the cost of publishing:

The family purchases the auction item. No other financial inputs will be requested unless the family chooses to use an illustrator outside of the publishing company or wishes to receive more than 10% back on proceeds.

The Storyteller’s Foundation will pay 75% of the publishing cost.

The author will pay 25% of the publishing cost.

For the benefit auction, here is a breakdown of the book proceeds:

The family will receive 10% of all net profits.

The foundation will receive 10% of all net profits.

The Storyteller’s Foundation will receive 55% of all net profits.

The author will receive 25% of all net profits.

Once investments are paid back through book sales, the publisher receives a minimum of $.20 per sold copy of the book through perpetuity. 

Here is an example of the total costs of publishing when using an in-house illustrator. (These numbers are close but could change due to rate increases through the publisher.)

Total Publishing Cost$4,584.00
Less 25% (paid by author)($1,146.00)
Paid by Foundation (10%) ($458.40)
Paid by Customer (65%)($2,979.60)

The current publisher used is Fulton Books.

When books are published, they will enter the market through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Google Play. There are options to invest in podcasts and other marketing media for an additional fee.

The Storyteller’s Foundation website will also help market each book, giving the family a page where they can share more information about their loved one.

The process is long and tedious but so worth it in the end. It’s such a great tribute and something that can carry on the name of your loved one forever.

Per the publishing contract, the family will receive either 10 softcover books upon publication or 5 hardcover books. All books will be 8×10.