Just Ask Jim

When Olivia discovers an old notebook in the tackle box, it exports her into her dad’s childhood—a story where worms go flying, pumpkins go missing, and pranks go awry. But the stories aren’t just about Olivia’s dad and his best friend, Dusty. The stories are about her grandpa Jim who always celebrated life with hard work, laughter, and a can do attitude, even with all the obstacles life threw his way.

By Kimberly Hoffman

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Life Keeps Going

Jim could fix anything, and that is the premise behind Just Ask Jim. If Jim physically couldn’t do something, he would enlist help. Countless people throughout his life asked him for help. “How can I make this work?” they would ask.

Jim’s response was always the same: “How hard can it be?”

In Memory of our son, husband, father, grandfather, and friend Jim.
Illustrated by Joey Fonkert