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In Memory of our Storyteller, Paul W. Hoffman

Mission-Driven Storytelling

It’s been said that a person dies twice—the first is the physical death, and the second is the last time the person’s name is spoken. Our mission is to foster life’s adventures through the power of written stories, signifying the never-ending light of those we love.

Tell Your Stories

When people lose a piece of their interwoven family collective, we use the art of stories to keep the person’s love and light connected.

Each year, we’re dedicating efforts to capturing the memories of six families in partnership with their storytellers. Our process includes an initial interview/story-sharing session, writing, illustrating, and publishing with different options for your financial investment.

We are accepting applicants for 2023.

Grandpa Paul,
The River Pirate

The life of Paul W. Hoffman is celebrated as he shares his adventures as a River Pirate with his grandchildren, Kruze and Tucker. An enthusiastic collector, witty storyteller, and friend to everyone he met, Grandpa Paul’s greatest accomplishment in life was his family.

Based on real life, a twist of fiction catapults each story into a favorite children’s book. Grandpa Paul, the River Pirate is the first book in the series.

Planting Pickles
with Papa Dan

In collaboration with Lacy Dowers, eldest daughter of Dan Stoecklein, author Kimberly Hoffman tells the story of how Papa Dan and granddaughters, Alba and Ivy, spend the day doing their favorite things, starting with a ride in the wheelbarrow to Papa Dan’s fairy-like garden. As a storm blows in, and baking ensues, Papa Dan saves the day when the smoke detector shrills. Exhausted, Papa Dan decides to take a nap, but this does not keep the girls from having even more fun.

The Storyteller’s Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on helping families heal from the loss of loved ones through the power of stories. 

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